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New York Chem Dog Haze {Reg}

(NYCD x G13 Haze) x Super Silver Chemdog Haze

New York Chemdog Haze Cannabis Seeds
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  • Yield
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  • Hybrid
  • Medium/High
  • 8-10 Weeks
  • Both
  • 10 Seeds
  • Regular


For this strain I took the NYCD X G13 Haze (NYCD pheno) that leans on the side of the dank fruity exotic flavours from NYCD (soma seeds) and have hit it with the SSCDH (Super Silver Chemdog Haze) male from Reservoir; creating 1 crazy exotic tasting hybrid for you flavour whores.

The SSCDH male leans on the Chemdog side of the X and add a nice chunky yield to the smaller NYCD pheno. It  throws in some stank meat to that already exotic fruit, creating a lip smacker that keeps calling you back.

Potency is the best of both worlds starts of with a daytime High at first, but over indulge and watch it leave you on the couch with a tub of ice cream.

Best topped from early on multiple times as the NYCD phenos can be short and not stretch much in flower. This strain is very loud and exotic so make sure your filters are on point or your triple bagged rolling around town.

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