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Nevils Dog {Reg}

Silver Nevil Clone x Super Silver Chemdog Haze

Nevils Dog Cannabis Seeds
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  • Hybrid
  • Medium/High
  • 9-10 Weeks
  • Both
  • 10 Seeds
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For this cross I took my Silver Nevil Clone, known for her extremely short flowering time (9 weeks) but with all that Church in the air and delicious Haze flavour, leaning towards the A side more spicy and Frankincense throwing out that Mango Haze terp. I hit her with the Super Silver Chemdog Haze from Reservoir seeds.

The Chemdog Haze male more leaning on the Chemdog side of the X adds extra resin and a bump in yield making this 1 frosty supermodel. If you like Haze then you will love my Nevil's Dog.

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