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Dutch Dog {Reg}

(Nevil Mango x G13 Haze Male) x Super Silver Chemdog Haze

Dutch Dog Cannabis Seeds
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For this strain I took my Nevil the G (Nevil Mango Mr Nice Seeds) x G13 Haze Male (Soma's cut) known for her extreme Haze qualities of extreme Spicy Haze all Frankincense leaning and extreme Sativa High taking you up up and up with the sweats and virtually no Indica influence and have hit her with the SSCDH (Reservoir seeds) Male.

This hybrid still leans heavily to the Haze side with added resin and density from the SSCDH male that is more Chemdog dom. Will stretch for 14 days into flowering so plan accordingly.

Responds amazing to all types of training and also does well when topped multiple times in early veg producing a bush with multiple long colas. Potency is Sativa dominant leaning to the Haze side and extremely up and racy and not a couchlock hit.

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