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Dave's Dog {Reg}

Hey Dave x Super Silver Chemdog Haze

Daves Dog Cannabis Seeds

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For this strain I took my Hey Dave (OG Affie x Casey Jones) Kush pheno - that throws out a mouthwatering Kush flavour that is leaning on the OG affie side of taste and potency and straight Kush Heaven - and slapped it up with the SSCDH Male (Super Silver Chemdog Haze) by Reservoir seeds, creating the Dave's Dog.

This strain leans more on the kush side of the X so is best topped early on to create a nice bush. Flavours lean heavy on the Kush Chem side, throwing out that meaty Coffee kush - no pine or lemon - and leaning heavy on the Indica side of the X, leaving you baked and smiling ear to ear demolishing the fridge so take note to have Munch on deck.

This strain produces resin worth more than money and gives up that Affie large heads that melt in your bong/and mouth like you never tasted before. Affie kush phenos are not the biggest yielders but once you have tasted this you won't care and Connoisseur's want quality over quantity. Chemdog dom phenos are much bigger yielding still delivering that top steak that you will want time after time.

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