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ChemDog Haze Freak {Reg}

Strawberry Haze Freak x Super Silver Chemdog Haze

ChemDog Haze Freak Cannabis Seeds

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  • 8-10 Weeks
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For this strain I took the Strawberry Haze Freak (Strawberry Cough x Haze freak Male) that leans heavy on the Haze side giving you some real Spicy Garlic Haze smell and taste and mad electric high too racey for some, and have slapped it up with the (SSCDH) Super silver Chemdog Haze Male from Reservoir seeds to create the Chemdog haze Freak.

This strain produces long colas of Haze dominant buds smelling like Jesus just passed through Church with the Frankincense bush.

This X is more Haze dominant but still throwing up a nice meaty Chemdog pheno (easy to spot as Haze dominant strains have real skinny leaves) 1 every 4 plants that will have you licking your lips at that flavour and headed deep in the fridge followed by the couch.

Yields on this X are huge being rewarded with the extra few weeks flowering that is needed on the Haze phenos.

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